Love Beauty Love The Earth! Biodegradable Lashes Tray Instead of Plastic Lashes Tray Love Beauty Love The Earth! Biodegradable Lashes Tray Instead of Plastic Lashes Tray

Love Beauty Love The Earth! Biodegradable Lashes Tray Instead of Plastic Lashes Tray

The Unsustainable of Using Non-Biodegradable Disposable Lashes Tray for the Environment

The false lashes are more and more popular among cosmetic lovers, huge quantities of plastic lashes tray were created and given up as garbage. These lashes tray made from Styrofoam and plastic wind up in landfills by the ton every year. These products take centuries to degrade and when they do, they can leave toxic residue behind. To protect the environment better, we cooperate with the tray factory to develop the biodegradable lashes tray this year.

The Process of Sugarcane Lashes Tray

The new biodegradable lashes trays are made of sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane or bagasse products are rapidly emerging as an excellent eco-friendly option for a wide variety of food service locations. Bagasse mulch is a byproduct of sugarcane plant stalks after harvest. The mulch is formed after the juice has been removed from the sugarcane, which is a product that would traditionally be thrown out and regarded as waste. This mulch is then heat pressed into the desired shape of the product using a high-heat, high-pressure process to make sugarcane products and lashes tray. 

It is made from bagasse, these products help reduce the wastage of materials after sugarcane harvest. These are also completely compostable and take approximately 3-6 months to decompose which is comparable to palm and bamboo products. Pulping bagasse is also more efficient and eco-friendly to the planet than creating a plastic lashes tray.
Able to withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, these products are also cut-resistant to provide maximum durability and are more durable than plastic or polystyrene products.

4 Reasons Why Sugarcane Lashes Tray Benefit the Environment

1. Saves Non-renewable Sources of Energy

Sugarcane lashes tray help conserve petroleum supplies. Traditional plastics come from heating and treating oil molecules until they turn into polymers. Sugarcane comes from natural sources. It makes them conserve non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum.

2. Reduces Carbon Emission

One of the main advantages of using a sugarcane lashes tray is a significant reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, since the materials used to create biodegradable plastics are plant-based, minimal carbon is emitted during the composting process.

3. Consumes Less Energy

The manufacturing process of sugarcane lashes tray requires fewer amounts of energy. Also, they do not need fossil fuels to be recycled. Since the energy requirement is less, the pollution and environmental impact are significantly reduced.

4. Provides an Eco-Friendly Solution

Sugarcane lashes tray require composting or recycling to ensure proper breakdown of the pieces. The requirement to properly dispose of sugarcane lashes tray automatically reduces the amount of waste. This waste would otherwise be sent to landfills in order to discard them. Moreover, the land areas can be used for agriculture, residence, or industrial applications instead of converting them to landfills.