Promote Your Brand with Custom Eyelash Packaging

Investing in private label and custom lashes packaging can quickly build customers’ impression of your eyelash business.
A unique boxes can attract more customers & add your benefits.

Customize Your Own Lash Boxes Online

Eyelash Containers Wholesale

If you want to wholesale 10-100 empty lash boxes, you can select our stock box. We have over 30 types of gift boxes and over 100 types of color paper boxes.

Customize Unique Lash Box from QTY 50

If your budget is around USD 200-300, you can 100% full design your box, please check the below standard box types, it's most popular box shapes for the existing brands if you want to start your brand with a unique design and logo, you can design your own box. The logo, photos, and lash names can be added to the packaging.