ECO biodegradable Lash


What Is That

The ECO-Friendly Biodegradable Lashes’ made with 91.8% plant fiber, which it extracts from Cannabis Sativa Fiber. Through more than ten processes to made into false eyelashes. Continue to adhere to the ecological concept of sustainable development, such as plant fiber renewable, direct contact with the skin without harm, and natural degradation. Its appearance looks like real hair, a bit glow but not too shiny, only 0.05mm thickness super softer than 0.07mm in the market, with a thinner and durable band, looks supernatural. It’s easier to decompose than PBT eyelashes in the environment. It couldn’t hurt the environment when decomposition. ECO- Friendly Flase Lashes!!!

  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Biodegradable And Recycled
  • Up to 30 wears
  • Non-allergenic, easy to clean

Wholesale Biodegradable Vegan Lashes at MOQ 10 pairs