Naughty 3D Mink Lashes - 10 pairs

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Mid-glam, mink, and all-day-gorgeous. 10 Magnet Naughty Lash delivers instant lift and drama to all eye shapes with its tapered volume. The 10 micro-magnets are designed to bring all-day hold, hug every contour comfortably, and be easily customized. Wear to draw attention and maybe a little a good way.

All of the lashes in our store can do it in normal strip lash, with 5 magnets, 6 magnets, or 10 magnets, pls select the right lash type to your cart, MOQ is 10 pairs.

Key Features:
  • Materials: Cruelty-Free 3D Mink
  • Lash Length: Max 18mm
  • Band: Cotton
  • This Item contains: 1pair lashes+1pcs Pretty Free Case
  • Suitable for: Daily Look/FULL volume