Custom Cosmetics Packaging

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The services we provide are as follows:

1. Add Your Logo: only add the logo on the stock packaging to see how it goes on the container and color box.

It including:

  • 1 color silk screen printing logo, USD 50 per type of product.
  • UV printing colorful logo, USD 70 per type of product.
  • Stamped Gold/Silver/Rose Gold Logo, USD 100 per type of product.

2. Custom Packaging: Select our custom packaging options, see our catalog on the online store. -USD 300 per type of product, including color box.

It including:

  • Pantone color
  • Specific logo design
  • Prefer materials, like change to PP, PE, or ABS, etc.
  • Shiny or Matte effects
  • Gold or silver plating
  • Different applicators, brush tips, pumps, etc.

3. Develop New Mold- please contact us to check the cost.