Custom Day and Night Luxury Lashes Kit-start from 50pc

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Design Concept: The best part of the lashes kit is the standard book shape and the mirror, you can select the color you need to re-design your own box.
You can pack 1 pair of day lash and night lash for one-month lash application. It can be a lash kit for beginners to test out your brand.
You can contact us to help you carry out your first lash kit concept or give you some suggestions.

The kit includes:
2 x  Lashes (You can select different lash materials and lash types)
1 x Lash Glue or Magnetic eyeliner ( 1 color logo on the bottle)
1 x lash tweezer (1 color logo on the tweezer)

If you want to first launch a magnetic lashes kit for your brand and target the high-end market, you can choose this kit design.

Box material: Paper Box
Shape: Rectangle
Logo: Silver Foiled Printed Logo/1 Pantone color printed logo
Custom Printed Box from Various Fine Papers, Specialty Papers, Craft Papers.

Our various premium fine papers, packaging papers, art papers, specialty paper have gorgeous colors and vivid patterns, and different paper surface textures. Customers can choose one or several papers as box skin to Personalize their packaging box. Numerous papers provide talented designers unlimited inspiration for creation with plentiful choices. That totally makes your box is unique and classic on the market. Let us turn your packaging box ideas into a reality.

No Glue, No Mess & No Long Routine!

Easy-on, easy-off reusable eyelashes. 2-minute application. Wind Resistant.

Natural & Lightweight

Our magnetic lashes made from a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibers. our false eyelashes are safer, lighter, more beautiful, and more convenient. Put any pair on in the morning and take them off at night.

Up to 50 Wears

Every pair of Abee lashes have been meticulously handcrafted to be incredibly resilient and worn multiple times. Say goodbye to disposable one-time use falsies.

Always cruel free and handcrafted with love

Leaping bunny approved! Only using synthetic fibers and NEVER testing on animals

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