Professional Makeup Brush Set (Beginner to Professional)


 What is it:

The Professional Makeup Brush Set includes 10 essential brushes for applying, blending, and shading various products such as eye shadow, concealer, blush, foundation, pressed or loose powders, highlighter, and eyebrows. Made with high-quality alloy and wood handles, and soft and silky nylon bristles, these brushes are durable and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Effortlessly create flawless daily makeup looks with this premium synthetic fiber set.



Choose from our catalog of mature formulations already in use by 3000+ brand which are proved to favourite formulas, or create your own based on what your brand seeks to accomplish.


Our in-house R&D team and testing facilities help you create and test your custom formulations before going into production, ensuring complete transparency into our research and test reports.


Our in-house team of graphic designers and our product managers collaborate with you to design and create packaging that’s unique, practical and capture’s your brand’s story and voice.

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