Order the High-quality 3D Mink Lash to Start A Mink Lash Business

All of the lashes in our store can do it in normal strip lash, with 5 magnets, 6 magnets, or 10 magnets.

Stay-Curled design.

Our mink lashes are made with cruelty-free mink and features a new and improved Stay-Curled design. This means no lash curling is required, and they're easy to apply, even if you've never worn false eye lashes before!

Wear it up to 30X.

With proper care, you can expect your Abee lashes to last up to 30+ times! Simply clean and put them back into its packaging after each use.

Light and flexible.

Each individual strand is ultra-soft, lightweight and stay beautifully curled on an incredibly flexible cotton band. 

Cils de vison 3D, styles naturels à glamour

Vente en gros à MOQ 10 paires