How to Register on CPNP?

How to Register on CPNP

1. Register an Account

First, the Responsible Person (RP) needs to create an account on the CPNP website.

  • Visit the CPNP website: CPNP Portal
  • Select "Request Access" to register a new account
  • Fill in the required information and submit it for approval

2. Log In

Once approved, log in with the username and password you registered.

3. Add a New Product

After logging in, you can start adding the details of a new product.

Product Classification and Name

  • Select the product type (e.g., skincare, shampoo)
  • Enter the product name (each product must be entered separately)

Responsible Person Information

  • Enter the name and contact details of the Responsible Person
  • Confirm if the Responsible Person is the legal representative

Product Ingredients Information

  • Enter the product's formula, including the INCI name and concentration of each ingredient
  • If the product contains fragrances, provide detailed fragrance ingredient information

Product Label and Packaging Information

  • Upload images of the product label and packaging design
  • Ensure the label complies with EU cosmetic regulations, including product name, ingredient list, net content, warnings, etc.

Manufacturer Information

  • Enter the name and address of the manufacturer
  • Provide the manufacturer's GMP certificate (if available)

Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

  • Upload the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) prepared by a qualified safety assessor

Market Countries

  • Select the EU countries/regions where the product will be sold

4. Submit Product Information

After filling in all the necessary information, check for accuracy and submit the product information.

5. Confirmation Notification

After submission, the system will generate a confirmation notification. The Responsible Person should save this notification as proof.

Support Documents and Help

If you encounter issues during registration, refer to the CPNP user manual or contact the CPNP help center.

  • CPNP User Manual
  • Contact information for the CPNP help center is available on the website


By following these steps, you can complete the registration process for cosmetic products on CPNP. Ensure all information is accurate and complies with EU cosmetic regulations to legally market the product in the EU.