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Who We Are

SindeBella-Where Quality Meets Your Dreams.

Welcome to SindeBella Global, a one-stop-shop for cosmetics brand creation. As a branch of AMARRIE COSMETICS with GMPC/ISO 22716 certification, we cater to diverse business needs, from startups to established enterprises. Our low minimum order quantities, typically ranging from 300 to 3,000, make private label cosmetics accessible. Whether you're a spa owner, an online retailer, a freelance makeup artist, or a beauty entrepreneur, we offer flexible business plans to suit your goals.

Explore our comprehensive range and embark on a successful cosmetics brand journey with SindeBella Global. Quality, choice, and your vision – that's our commitment.

Our Story

We born for our customers!

In the past decade, the cosmetics industry experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, largely driven by social media platforms and the influential voices of beauty influencers. This phenomenon resonated most deeply with millennials, leading to a transformation in the way people perceive and interact with cosmetics. Amid this dynamic shift, we saw an opportunity to become a beacon for budding entrepreneurs eager to realize their own cosmetic dreams.

Customized Cosmetic Solutions

Our journey commenced with a focus on high-volume orders and contract manufacturing in the year of 2011, catering to established players in the cosmetics industry. However, as we navigated the ever-evolving landscape of beauty, we realized the importance of embracing inclusivity and adaptability. We took a leap of faith to support entrepreneurs with dreams of varying scales. We embarked on a mission to facilitate the creation of cosmetics brands, regardless of whether they started small or dreamed big.

This pivotal moment marked the inception of our customized small-batch cosmetic orders. These orders span a diverse spectrum of formulas, shades, and textures, meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of our clients. To fortify our commitment to excellence, we forged strategic alliances with esteemed cosmetic and packaging manufacturers. This step allowed us to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely addressed the specific needs of our clients, granting them flexibility and diversity that set us apart.

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Popular Makeup Products for Private Label

Where is our headquarters?

Our headquarters is located in Guangzhou, China, and we have joint venture factories in Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. All of our factories hold ISO 22716 and GMPC certifications, ensuring compliance with international quality standards. Additionally, we collaborate with various factory laboratories, allowing us to explore more possibilities and provide a diverse range of products to our customers in a highly flexible manner. You will find that we offer a wide selection of formulation options to meet the different needs of our clients. Our mature formulations and existing packaging materials are designed to assist startup and growing brands with low minimum order quantities for market testing. We aim to grow together with our clients by helping them customize unique formulations and personalized packaging, enabling their brand to stand out in the market and be loved by customers.

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Redefining Makeup Manufacturing with Realness and Reliability

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Our team always reflects on why our customers need us, how we differentiate ourselves from other private label cosmetics manufacturers, and how we can truly help our customers understand formulations and launch market-ready cosmetics. With so many manufacturers in the market, we aim to become a unique partner in our clients' minds, rather than just a producer.

Through feedback from customers of different types, minimum order quantities, and countries, we are grateful for their input and have identified the top 5 reasons why our clients enjoy working with us.

SindeBella is your one-stop shop for result-oriented companies in the beauty industry.

SindeBella Beauty is your one-stop shop for result-oriented companies in the beauty industry. We become your partner in growth and innovation, taking over high-volume contract manufacturing with professional expertise and tailored services for your unique needs. Together, we make sure that your business reaches its full potential.



Choose from our catalog of mature formulations already in use by 3000+ brand which are proved to favourite formulas, or create your own based on what your brand seeks to accomplish.


Our in-house R&D team and testing facilities help you create and test your custom formulations before going into production, ensuring complete transparency into our research and test reports.


Our in-house team of graphic designers and our product managers collaborate with you to design and create packaging that’s unique, practical and capture’s your brand’s story and voice.