Pestañas de leche y café-10 pares

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¡Milk & Coffee Lash es el elemento básico esencial que debes tener en tu kit de pestañas! Nuestro estilo de aspecto más natural, es corto y suave con el volumen, perfecto para ese look cotidiano sin maquillaje.

Todas las pestañas de nuestra tienda pueden hacerlo en tiras normales, con 5 imanes, 6 imanes o 10 imanes.

Características clave:

  • Forma de ojos: Monólido, Encapuchado, Almendra
  • Volumen: Natural
  • Longitud: 5-10 mm
  • Ancho: 32 mm
  • Material: Fibras sintéticas ultrafinas
  • Banda: Banda de algodón hecha a mano
  • De color negro

No Glue, No Mess & No Long Routine!

Easy-on, easy-off reusable eyelashes. 2-minute application. Wind Resistant.

Natural & Lightweight

Our magnetic lashes made from a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibers. our false eyelashes are safer, lighter, more beautiful, and more convenient. Put any pair on in the morning and take them off at night.

Up to 50 Wears

Every pair of Abee lashes have been meticulously handcrafted to be incredibly resilient and worn multiple times. Say goodbye to disposable one-time use falsies.

Always cruel free and handcrafted with love

Leaping bunny approved! Only using synthetic fibers and NEVER testing on animals

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